“Change happens one step at a time.”

“Change happens one step at a time.”


I can’t thank Tracy enough for her help and guidance. I reached out to her when I had nowhere else to turn, she really turned things around for me. She is straightforward and her way of working is like nothing I have ever seen before.


I had around 6 sessions with Tracy, and I can honestly say I never thought it would have worked but it did! I was in a very dark place and couldn’t control my emotions I didn’t know where to turn. The process is very straightforward, and my sessions were about my anxiety and what made me feel the way I did. I talked about myself, in the sessions and Tracy was able to find examples and methods to help me! Overall, she is a brilliant lady and shows so much support! Highly recommended.


Anxiety and depression now affect more people than ever. I was told about Tracy by a friend who said, why not give her a chance to help cure my mental situation, I did and she was excellent. By the end of my first few sessions, she knew more about me than I did. Take a chance, give her a try, her approach will quickly set you at ease. You will struggle to find better. Good luck.


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